Tombstone History Timeline

Hi friends! I just wanted to let you know we are working hard on the Tombstone setting. In addition to the Ancestries that we have already released, we are working on the Tombstone Gazetteer which will be the main book for the setting. As a preview, I wanted to share […]

Tombstone Backgrounds

Howdy Folks! We are busy working on the Tombstone Gazetteer, a kind of quick start guide for playing games in the world of Tombstone. I wanted to share a preview of some of our new backgrounds made specifically for Tombstone, so here are five new backgrounds. There will be more […]

Corvus Canyon

By James Abendroth BANG!  The rifle’s sharp report and powerful kick against his shoulder happened a split second before the gnoll a couple hundred yards away stiffened then fell to the ground.  Maybe that would teach it to keep its head down. But then, Cal Blackfeather figured it wasn’t going […]

The Wild West Gets Weird

Rusted Iron Games is developing Tombstone, a gritty alternate-history wild west setting for use with Pathfinder Second Edition. The setting mixes traditional elements of the western genre with fantasy and occult horror. Centered around Tombstone, Arizona the world of Tombstone contains magic and monsters but is now facing a new […]

4th of July Sale!

Get 25% Off on all purchases through July 7th! Use code 4THOFJULYSALE during checkout. Show order summary to enter the discount code. Go to the Product Catalog!

R.I.G. Discord Server

Hey There! Rusted Iron Games now has it’s very own discord server! You can find it right here! Ask us questions about our products, writing, game development or just hang out.

Every Village Needs Its People!

We released a new free GM aid. Roll With It! Villager Names, lets the GM easily generate names of townsfolk at a moment’s notice. Get It here.

2018 Holiday Sale!

Happy Holidays to all our customers! All Rusted Iron Games Products are 40% off in our web store starting right now through midnight Jan 5th, 2019. Use the discount code HOLIDAY40 during checkout to claim this offer! View our product catalog now! PS Watch out for evil Christmas Trees!

Swarmhive Preview

I was working on Deadly Gardens: Swarmhive and ended up with an extra stat block.  The Swarmhive is a template that allows you to combine a plant creature and a swarm into one creature. I ended up with more content then will fit in my page count so I thought […]

We Upgraded our Webstore to Shopify

Hello! We have converted the webstore on to use Shopify! Previously we were using an integrated Paypal cart for sales, but Shopify will bring some additional benefits. Such as: 1. Still 100% compatible with Paypal. 2. Allow credit card purchases direct via Shopify. 3. Unlimited downloads via Shopify orders […]

Write for Rusted Iron Games!

Rusted Iron Games is looking for Freelance writers and game designers to create volumes in our Character Options series. Project Length: 4,000 words Pay Rate:  flat rate of $60.00 USD, approximately 1.5¢ per word. Additional details: Character Options volumes focus on a single race or class and provide new options for that choice. Send a short […]