I was working on Deadly Gardens: Swarmhive and ended up with an extra stat block.  The Swarmhive is a template that allows you combine a plant creature and a swarm into one creature. I ended up with more content then will fit in my page count so I thought I […]

Swarmhive Preview

Hello! We have converted the webstore on rustedirongames.com to use Shopify! Previously we were using an integrated Paypal cart for sales, but Shopify will bring some additional benefits. Such as: 1. Still 100% compatible with Paypal. 2. Allow credit card purchases direct via Shopify. 3. Unlimited downloads via Shopify orders […]

We Upgraded our Webstore to Shopify

Rusted Iron Games is looking for Freelance writers and game designers to create volumes in our Character Options series. Project Length: 4,000 words Pay Rate:  flat rate of $60.00 USD, approximately 1.5¢ per word. Additional details: Character Options volumes focus on a single race or class and provide new options for that choice. Send a short […]

Write for Rusted Iron Games!

A few months ago the A Sword for Hire blog held the Here Be Monsters 2 contest. The theme was “Hell Breaks Loose” so all monsters had to be thematically connected to the plane of Hell in some fashion. I submitted a monster entry but didn’t get selected as one […]

Here Be Monsters: Devil Spirit

Hey There! Rusted Iron Games Products have been getting some awesome reviews on both Paizo.com and RPGNow.com / DriveThruRPG.com. Here is a quick summary of the ratings we have been getting. This is on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.  Some of the individual reviews have been posted to […]


Check out the What Lies Beyond Reason Kickstarter from our friends over at Pyromaniac Press.  Pyromaniac is a brand new 3rd Party Publisher for Pathfinder and this is their first foray into the 3PP waters, but it looks pretty awesome. Currently the project is about 75% of the way to […]

What Lies Beyond Reason Kickstarter

  Today I am happy to share some new art we have just recently commissioned for the Rusted Iron Games characters. The artist is Jeremy Corrf. These characters will be showing up in our upcoming adventure products both as pre-generated characters you can use to play the adventure and in […]

R.I.G. Character Art

So I have a question for you Pathfinder players. Are you interested in taking your games into Space? I hope so, because I have been working on Void Space, Adventure Among the Stars which will let you do just that. It will include rules for flying, maintaining and fighting with […]

Pathfinder in Spaaaaaace!

So I have just switched the website over to use WordPress.  Mostly because with the other software I could not open it up to comments without getting crushed with spam posts. Hopefully WordPress will work better. 🙂

Website Redesign