Pathfinder in Spaaaaaace!

Void Space Cover Mockup

Void Space Cover Mockup

So I have a question for you Pathfinder players. Are you interested in taking your games into Space?

I hope so, because I have been working on Void Space, Adventure Among the Stars which will let you do just that. It will include rules for flying, maintaining and fighting with your own voidships. Designing and upgrading your ship will also be covered, allowing you to pick and choose what weapons, systems and cabins you want to have on your ship. Want an alchemy lab? You got it! But if you are short on space you may have convert to that extra food storage locker to make it fit!

The rules for ship to ship (or ship to monster) combat are designed to let the entire party have meaningful things to do every round. One character can be flying the ship while another is manning the sensors to identify your enemy’s weaknesses. Still others can be firing the weapons, repelling boarders or be down in engineering, Scotty style, milking every last drop of power from the generators. “Ah’m givin ye all she’s got Capt’n!”

Also included are rules for surviving in the void and on alien planetary environments.

And this is still Pathfinder so how can you be in space with no monsters? You can’t! We will also include a bestiary of new voidspace monsters. Plus a list of already existng Pathfinder monsters perfectly capable of surviving the rigors of the dark tapestry.

Oh, and that cover is just a mockup. Imagine an awesome steampunk style ship instead of that blimp there! 😛

So how much interest is there in this type of product?  I am definitely going to do this (have about 10,000 words written already) I am just trying gauge how I should priortize this against the other projects I am currently working on.

Let me know what you think!

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