Tombstone History Timeline

Hi friends! I just wanted to let you know we are working hard on the Tombstone setting. In addition to the Ancestries that we have already released, we are working on the Tombstone Gazetteer which will be the main book for the setting. As a preview, I wanted to share the alternate history timeline for the setting. I hope you enjoy!

Do you have any suggestions for other alternate history events to include in the timeline? Let us know in the comments below!

~300 BCTengu refugees fleeing from conflicts in China and Korea sail east across the Pacific Ocean.  Some settle on Pacific islands while others eventually make their way to North America and found the North American corvus tribes.
985Viking mystics in Iceland divine the existence of Greenland, which they call Jotunhiem. It is only sparsely inhabited by clans of ogres and giants. Led by Erik the Red, the Vikings establish several settlements in Greenland.
1492 In a failed attempt to sail west from Europe to the East Indies, explorer Christopher Columbus accidentally “discovers” the continent of North America. It is inhabited by Native American humans, centaurs and corvus immigrants who arrived nearly 2,000 years earlier. Knowledge of the New World spreads throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.
1607First American Colonies Founded by European settlers. 
May 1632Explorers scouting along the coast north of Massachusetts encounter minions of the ancient red dragon known as The Scarlet Terror. They are warned to stay out of the dragon’s territory.
June 1635Settlements founded encroaching on the dragon’s territory are razed to the ground. The Scarlet Terror sends a one-word message to Boston. “Mine!” The dragon’s Territory becomes colloquially known as Mine!
November 5, 1682Led by the Corvus warlord Tlaxi, native Mesoamerican forces defeat invading Spanish colonizers. Tlaxi declares himself king and founds the Imperial Kingdom of Mexico.
April 19, 1775The American Revolutionary War begins with the battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts.
July 4, 177613 British Colonies sign the declaration of Independence: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.
September 17, 1787The United States Constitution signed at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.
April 30, 1789George Washington becomes the first President of the United States.
October 1835The Texas Revolution begins. American settlers and Tejanos (Texans of  Mexican descent) rebel against the repressive government of the Imperial Kingdom of Mexico. 
March 6, 1836The Texas Revolution ends with the signing of the Alamo Accords. The Republic of Texas is recognized as an independent nation by Mexico in exchange for Texas paying war reparations for the next 10 years. Centaur peacemakers are instrumental in the peace talks.
June 1, 1836Sam Houston elected as 1st President of the Republic of Texas. 
December 29, 1845Texas lawmakers vote down a resolution to join the United States as the 28th state of the Union. The Republic of Texas remains an independent nation.
June 21, 1847The Resurgence: On the Summer solstice, magical energy levels spiked throughout the world, and have been slowly building over the past 24 years. Giving rise to the powerful magical spellcasters of all traditions (arcane, divine, occult & primal) seen today.
June 20, 1852The Druidic Council claims the area around Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain, in England, as sovereign territory, much like the Vatican in Rome. Five years after the Resurgence, they have the magical and political power to enforce the claim. 
November 6, 1860Abraham Lincoln Elected President of the United States.
December 20, 1860South Carolina secedes from the Union, followed soon after by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisana. These southern states seceded from the Union over Lincoln’s Abolitionist policies and a desire to preserve slavery.
February 9, 1861The Confederate States of America formed with Jefferson Davis as President
March 4, 1861Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as President of the United States.
April 12, 1861Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina captured by Confederate forces. The Civil War Begins. 
April 17, 1861Virginia secedes from the Union. Followed quickly by Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina, making a 10 state Confederacy. Many Gnoll slave traders are offered Confederate citizenship in return for fighting for the south in the Civil War.
July 21, 1861Confederate Forces win the First Battle of Bull Run, near Manassas Junction Virginia. This is the first major land battle of the Civil War.
September 1862The Union begins fielding steam-powered clockwork soldiers and other mechanical constructs. They are unreliable at best in the beginning, but improvements are quickly made.
May 25th, 1863President Lincoln signs a treaty with the territory of Mine! And The Scarlet Terror. Mine! officially becomes a new state with The Scarlet Terror as Governor for life. 
July 1, 1863The tide of the war turns against the Confederacy as they are defeated by Union forces at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Union forces take the day with the aid of the massive Clockwork Titan known as Uncle Sam and The Scarlet Terror.
September 2, 1864Astride the back of The Scarlet Terror, General Sherman leads Union forces to capture Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is burned to its foundations. The path of destruction continues throughout the confederate states.
January 31, 1865The US Congress approves the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution to abolish slavery. The amendment is submitted to the states for ratification.
April 9, 1865Confederate General Lee surrendered his Confederate army in Virginia.
April 15, 1865President Lincoln dies after being shot while attending the Theatre the previous evening.
May 1, 1865Remaining Confederate forces surrender. Civil War officially ends.
December 6, 1865The 13th Amendment ratified by the states.
Fall 1865The southern states elect many confederate officers and leaders to represent them but they are barred from congress.
February 1866Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s Vice-President and successor as President is impeached by congress for his lenient attitude towards former Confederate leaders. Johnson’s successor, A Rougarou named William Barkley takes a hard line on the official Reconstruction policies. No Confederate state will be allowed readmittance to the Union as long as any former Confederate official or general holds public office. 
1866 to 1871Extended Reconstruction of southern states due to the massive destruction caused by the clockwork colossus Uncle Sam and The Scarlet Terror
July 24, 1866Tennessee is the first Confederate state to be readmitted to the Union.
June – July 1868Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina readmitted to the union.
March 1, 1870The town of Tombstone in the Arizona Territory was founded by Hollo Hane, a representative of the Smythe & Roland Trading Company to supply silver prospectors in the area. It is little more than a glorified mining camp with a current population of around 400 souls. 
March 1, 1871Present Day. Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia are still unwilling to ratify the 13th Amendment and therefore have not been readmitted to the Union. They remain occupied by Union forces.

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