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My name is Russ Brown, and I have been playing and running Roleplaying Games since grade school, which is about 35 years now. Mostly I have played Dungeons & Dragons and later Pathfinder, but I have tried many other systems at least a few times. I also enjoy board games and especially tabletop miniatures games.

Professionally I am a computer programmer and analyst, and since December 2000, I have worked at a major food distribution company. I live in Denver, Colorado.

I have been a fan of Paizo and Pathfinder since Wizards of the Coast released 4th Edition D&D, and I found it was not the game for me. I went looking for alternatives, and I found Paizo still releasing OGL products. I have been an enthusiastic player and GM of Pathfinder ever since.

Around January 2015, I was fortunate enough to make the Top 16 in Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2015 contest. Participating in that contest was a great learning experience and has spurred my interest in roleplaying game design. In April 2015, I began writing and publishing 3rd Party material for Pathfinder under the Name Rusted Iron Games using the Open Game License and Pathfinder Compatibility license.