Corvus Canyon

By James Abendroth BANG!  The rifle’s sharp report and powerful kick against his shoulder happened a split second before the gnoll a couple hundred yards away stiffened then fell to the ground.  Maybe that would teach it to keep its head down. But then, Cal Blackfeather figured it wasn’t going […]

The Wild West Gets Weird

Rusted Iron Games is developing Tombstone, a gritty alternate-history wild west setting for use with Pathfinder Second Edition. The setting mixes traditional elements of the western genre with fantasy and occult horror. Centered around Tombstone, Arizona the world of Tombstone contains magic and monsters but is now facing a new […]

4th of July Sale!

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R.I.G. Discord Server

Hey There! Rusted Iron Games now has it’s very own discord server! You can find it right here! Ask us questions about our products, writing, game development or just hang out.