Accepting Pitches for Fearsome Foes

Rusted Iron Games is accepting pitches for installments of our Pathfinder 1E series called Fearsome Foes. We have published four installments so far, two by Russ Brown and two by Vanessa Hoskins.

UPDATE: We are accepting ideas for the following systems, Pathfinder 1E, Pathfinder 2E, SRD 5E and/or Starfinder. Just let us know which system(s) you are submitting the idea for.

Length:5,500 words
Pay rate: 2¢ per word, payable via Paypal upon completion of work
Deadline to submit pitch: 2/29/20

How to submit a pitch: 
1. Download this document from google drive Fearsome Foes Pitch.

2. Give me a short pitch of your villain idea and Fill in the outline with your ideas for each section. Don’t write the whole 5,500 words yet!

3. Email it to us at

We will pick the top 2-3 ideas once the submissions close.

We look forward to seeing your ideas.

The existing installments
The Ravenous – clan of man-eating ogres
Smiling Bastard – “Noble Knight” who is really a scoundrel
Black Hounds – Bounty Hunters for hire
The Crimson Cannibal – ghoul serial killer
Blackmane (working title) – unicorn anti-paladin (still in development)

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