The Wild West Gets Weird

Rusted Iron Games is developing Tombstone, a gritty alternate-history wild west setting for use with Pathfinder Second Edition. The setting mixes traditional elements of the western genre with fantasy and occult horror. Centered around Tombstone, Arizona the world of Tombstone contains magic and monsters but is now facing a new threat from The Blight, a horrifying infection spread from the site of a crashed meteor.

A different kind of fantasy. The world of Tombstone is not inhabited by the traditional fantasy races of elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes. Instead, players can choose from centaurs, chupacabras, corvus, humans, or rougarou!

Sixguns & Sorcery. Tombstone will, of course, include rules for firearms and gunslingers. You can’t really do wild west without them!

Creative Team. The following folks will be working on Tombstone: James Abendroth, Russ Brown, Joshua Hennington, Jacob W. Michaels, Dennis Muldoon, and Andrew Mullen. Also, we have Keith Wood, working on some fantastic art for Tombstone.

Available August 2019.

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