Race Options: Dwarves

Race Options: Dwarves Cover
Artist: Maciej Zagorski

Race Options: Dwarves

  • Author: Kim Frandsen
  • Artist: Jeremy Corff, Maciej Zagorski
  • Game System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
  • Pages: 9 
  • Price: $1.99 

Race Options is a series of short PDFs that present new options for a specific player race.

In this volume:

  • New dwarven alternate racial traits.
  • 3 new dwarven racial subtypes: Deep Sea Dwarves, Jungle Dwarves, Last Bastion Dwarves.
  • A new dwarven racial archetype for the ranger, the spelunker
  • New dwarven equipment, including the alchemically hardened obsidian special material.
  • New dwarven feats.
  • New dwarven magic items.
  • A new dwarven spell: Call of the Clan

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Race Options: Dwarves
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