We Upgraded our Webstore to Shopify

We have converted the webstore on rustedirongames.com to use Shopify! Previously we were using an integrated Paypal cart for sales, but Shopify will bring some additional benefits. Such as:

1. Still 100% compatible with Paypal.
2. Allow credit card purchases direct via Shopify.
3. Unlimited downloads via Shopify orders database (requires you to save order id to access download page).
4. Option to create customer login so you don’t have to save those order ids!
5. Automatic notification email to customer with new download link when products are updated.
6. Ability to create and sell “Bundle Products”.
7. Better support for creating sales discount codes!

Purchases through our website help support R.I.G. by letting us retain a larger portion of the sale price. So please check this new option out.

I have set up a couple of discount codes as incentives!
STOREOPN20 – Will give 20% off all purchases through 3/18!
FREEPLILY – will give a free copy of Deadly Gardens: Phoenix Lily (Pathfinder version) to the first 50 customers.

You can only put one discount code on an other so to take advantage of both, just put Deadly Gardens: Phoenix Lily on a separate order.

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