Template Races: Aasimar 1

Template Races: Aasimar

Template Races: Aasimars

  • Author: Wren Brown
  • Game System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
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  • Pages: 12
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 Welcome to Template Races: Aasimars. The concept of a mortal character with celestial ancestry is a popular one. Aasimars, also known as angelkin or the blessed, have become a staple of fantasy roleplaying games. A lot of work has gone into providing a variety of celestial heritages for aasimars. Although maybe not as much as for their counterparts, the tieflings, which is why we include two brand new aasimar heritages within these pages. Unfortunately, the aasimar’s mortal ancestry is almost always restricted to being human or hand waved away as only a cosmetic description with no actual game-play mechanics.

Have you ever wanted to play a dwarf aasimar that is actually dwarf-like? That is where the aasimar race template comes in – it is a quick and relatively simple way to produce game rules for aasimar races that incorporate elements from the mortal race and their celestial heritage. Use this race template to combine aasimar racial traits with the racial traits of the desired mortal race in a similar manner to applying a monster template to a monster stat block. Here we present the aasimar race template and a dozen examples of aasimar races.

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Template Races: Aasimar
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