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Race Options: Gillmen Author: Joshua HenningtonArtist: Liz CourtsGame System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or OGLPages: 9 Price: $2.49 Race Options is a series of short PDFs that present new options for a specific player race. In this volume:New gillmen alternate racial traits and favored class options.2 new gillmen racial archetypes: Sea […]

Race Options: Gillmen

We released a new free GM aid. Roll With It! Villager Names, lets the GM easily generate names of townsfolk at a moment’s notice. Get It here. Share this...FacebookPinterestTumblrTwitterRedditemail

Roll With It! Villager Names

Happy Holidays to all our customers! All Rusted Iron Games Products are 40% off in our web store starting right now through midnight Jan 5th, 2019. Use the discount code HOLIDAY40 during checkout to claim this offer! View our product catalog now! PS Watch out for evil Christmas Trees! Share […]

2018 Holiday Sale!